What You Need To Know About End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

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All tenants have a duty to ensure that they clean up the rental properties they occupied, when it is time to vacate. Most tenants will actually withhold the deposit you paid until you’ve cleared and cleaned up the premises. This could be for rental homes, offices, and basically any other commercial property. It’s vital that you make use of a checklist to enable you carry out a thorough and meticulous cleaning of the property. Chances are that your landlord will use the same checklist to check that you’ve done everything properly.

  1. Bedroom cleaning; when cleaning the bedroom, you want to ensure that everything is left clean and dust free. Thus, start from the top of the room to the bottom; clear up cobwebs on the ceiling and on the walls. The top of wardrobes and cupboards, shelves also; dust up these areas thoroughly. Dust on photo frames should not escape you, as should the curtain rails, lampshades, light fittings, finishing with the sockets. You can then clean up the floor to ensure the room is sparkling clean. Door knobs and handles can also be wiped with a wet cloth.
  2. Bathrooms; your bathroom can be the deal maker or the deal breaker when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. You want to ensure that the toilet, tiles and baths are all thoroughly cleaned. You should clean baths, basins and sinks using bleach as this leaves them sparkling white. Towel rails and radiators should be wiped and polished to restore their allure. It’s also important that you leave all drains cleared and unclogged; as for glass surfaces and mirrors, these should be wiped then dried up using newspaper. Also don’t forget to leave the toothbrush area clean.
  3. Kitchen; cleaning the kitchen can be quite laborious, but worth it. The kitchen is one of the rooms we use most and as such, there is much to be done here. Start by cleaning the countertops, loft, shelves, and other worktops around. The inside of drawers and cupboards should also be thoroughly cleaned up. Any food leftovers should be thrown away. Make an effort of degreasing the tiles on the walls, wash and polish the taps and sink. If the house is self contained, it is your responsibility to clean up the freezers, microwaves, and any other appliances you’ve been using. Even the bins have to be left sparkling clean.
  4. Compound; this is one of the areas that most tenants tend to forget. It’s vital that you leave the compound very neat and tidy. Collect any rubbish that may be littering around, empty the garbage bins, and ensure that any outside drainages are unclogged. The garage must also be cleared of any junk and damaged items. Tall grass and hedges should also be trimmed to leave the entire place looking hospitable.
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

EOT Cleaning


Seeing that an end of tenancy cleaning can be tedious, you’re advised to get a reliable end of a tenancy cleaning company. Such a company will help you get a thorough job done within a short time so that you’re always assured of leaving your landlord satisfied.






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How to Secure your Home from Potential Theft

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The Security of your home starts and ends with you. This is to say that much as you may employ guards or have the property insured, you’ll still need to be at the frontline of ensuring that thieves and burglars are kept away. Theft in most homes tend to occur when the homeowners are away, or at night while they’re sleeping; few thieves will dare confront a homeowner one on one. Thus you have to initiate safety measures to not just deter any potential burglar, but also trace them afterwards in case of a break in.

There are several steps that you can put in place if you’re looking to secure your home from potential theft;

  1. Invest in quality locks; first and foremost, you’ll need to invest in high quality locks that make it near impossible to be tampered with. Nowadays there are special recognition locks that don’t even need to have a key inserted; they can recognize you the moment you approach. The good thing is that such locks aren’t so expensive and are worth every coin in the long term.
  2. Always leave your windows closed; it’s not enough that the main gate to your compound is locked, or that the front door is securely locked; always leave your windows closed when going out. It thwarts entry for any intruder who may breach the first line of defense you’ve got in place.
  3. CCTV a must; CCTV Installers for cameras are so vital that one may as well consider them to be mandatory! Some thefts are not outright, they may include en employee carting away items over a long period of time. By the time you discover it, you may be lost for clues; but CCTV always saves the day at such times.
  4. Good neighborliness; when going for a holiday or away for a substantially long duration, it’s always advisable to inform or alert a trusted neighbor. Home intruders are clever; they will monitor and follow your every move especially if you’re active in social media. A neighbor who notices anyone suspicious coming to your property or lingering around will promptly alert you or the police. Nothing is as embarrassing as coming back from a vacation only to find your apartment broken into, and your neighbor saying that he or she wasn’t aware you were away!

You can check Electricals Contractors for such work.


The above 4 steps are your best way to keep off potential thieves and burglars from accessing your home.

Home Security Life Hacks

Also read: Home-Security Tips | HowStuffWorks And if you ever need a good reliable Locksmith in London, ITCC Locksmiths as the best. #

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8 Ways You Can Increase Your Airbnb Host Business In UK

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The mere fact that you are considering expanding your Airbnb host business in the UK is an indication that you are most likely gaining good profits already. As such, it is only prudent that you expand your business regardless of what it takes to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make this happen.

  1. Know Your Competition

It’s a fact that you are in competition with numerous Airbnb hosts around you. Intrinsically, it is only sensible that you know who your competitors are, and what strategies they are employing. When you study your competitors, you are able on areas that you can improve or capitalize on.

  1. Better Your Furnishings

Being an Airbnb host is an investment. The investments you make will determine the type and number of clients you will get. The better the furnishings and amenities in your rental home, the more you’re likely to attract high end clients.

  1. Be flexible

It is important to set house rules as an Airbnb host. However, try to set clear and straightforward rules; you must balance between setting boundaries and not curtailing the liberties of your guests. To increase your business, you want more return guests and referrals, and this can only happen if you strike a fair balance.

  1. Get the Right Pricing From the Word Go

You don’t just set a pricing and expect it to apply all days and times of the year. You should understand that there are peak and off-peak seasons. This means regular checks, comparisons and updates in price variations. Your pricing should always be cognizant of this fact.

  1. Don’t Run Out On Essentials

Tissue paper, paper towels, and napkins are an essential part of being an Airbnb host. You should never run out of these things; they won’t cost you much! Some selfish hosts assume that a host should bring such along, but this is not always the case.

  1. Always Have A Spare Key

Don’t make the mistake of not having a spare key for the house. Picture yourself as a guest coming back at 2 am coming from a late night engagement or event, but have misplaced your key. The prudent thing is for the guest to always have a spare key.

  1. Ensure Privacy

If you want to increase your business as an Airbnb host, never show up unannounced when you have rented out your house. Unless it’s an urgent situation such as crime or fire, always grant your guests the privacy they so much value.

  1. Offer Amenities

Amenities such as towels, bathroom sandals, washing machines; always try to have such readily available for your guests. In fact, if guests know that they can always count on you for such, they will always come back or give positive reviews.


What’s The Purpose Of Having A European Health Insurance Card As UK Citizen

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As a UK citizen, there are a thousand and one reasons why you should have a European Health Insurance Card. This is especially so if you are the kind that frequently travels across Europe. And even for those that don’t travel often, it is a prudent thing to ensure that you have this card with you. You just never know what may befall you while in a foreign country. Ever since the European health insurance card replaced E111 card, numerous UK citizens have found it useful when they traveled across the EU and found themselves in need of medical care. You too could find yourself in a situation where you need to access medical care while in a European country.

As a UK citizen, a European health insurance card will go a long way in;

  1. You can be treated anywhere in the EU; a European Health Insurance Card enables you to access quality Medicare when the need to arises, in a European Economic Area country. For instance, if you are in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, or whatever EU country, and developed some medical complications, the card would help you access treatment in a public facility. And while the card won’t cater for everything 100%, it helps you get treatment at subsidized costs.
  2. Existing conditions are also included; the other good thing about having an EHIC card is that it also caters for any existing conditions you may have, prior to traveling across the EU. This is unlike a private health insurance package that tends to hesitate when it comes to covering pre existing conditions like Kidney problems, epilepsy, and diabetes, and so on so forth. With an EHIC card, you’ll get your blood sugar checked in any public facility, if you need dialysis while holidaying in a EU country you’ll get it, and so on so forth.
  3. The card can be replaced; another good thing about having a EHIC card is that in case you misplace it, or lose it while traveling across Europe, you can get a temporary replacement certificate. With the help of a good, reliable website, you are able to apply for a replacement, which you can use while you await your card’s replacement.
  4. The application process doesn’t take long; thanks to the numerous websites that help people apply for their EHIC, you now have no excuse. With a good reliable company, all that you’ll need to do is give them your personal details, and the date you wish to travel, if you’re planning to travel across the EU for instance. The good thing about applying for your EHIC via a website is because you get to have all your questions answered. You’re advised on what to expect when traveling in different EU countries, considering that  each nation has its own healthcare system. You also get to know the limitations of the card in terms of just how much you can rely on it.

As a UK citizen, a EHIC card is a must have; you should always have it with you anytime you’re traveling across the EU.

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London’s best catering services by Daksha

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Have you come across a Master chef in UK, who also run a catering company that does party catering London. if not, this article we want to bring your attention about her.

Daksha is by far the most known and experienced master chef in UK. She has years of experience in catering and she has provided her services for so many parties in UK.

If you check the website, you can see how and why people would hire her for all the catering services and special occasions.

With that being said, if you are interested in seeing more about her check the video below.

BBC Masterchef UK 2016 S12E07 Daksha Mistry Guest Judge



London’s Best Modern Furniture And Design Showroom

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There are numerous furniture and design showrooms in London but there is one that stands out due to various reasons. fci London is a household name when it comes to modern day furniture and design. The showroom has been designing and selling contemporary furniture in London for over 30 years. The showroom boasts of a 20,000 square foot London contemporary furniture showroom that is famous for showcasing pieces from over 700 of the world’s most exciting designers and brands.

Arguably London’s largest contemporary showroom on Facebook for furniture and interiors, fci is open 7 days a week. The showroom’s team is composed of interior designers and architects. fci works with residential and commercial projects and offer a host of services from simple space planning to complete 3D visualization, including helping clients select wallpaper, paint, art, home automation and home cinema, lighting design, curtains & blinds, floor treatments and soft furnishings.

The showroom has honest, real client reviews which are sent to third-party websites to ensure that they are tamper-proof. The showroom has networks to any of the leading furniture store brands across the globe and all clients are required to do is simply call and place an order for their preferred brand. Clients are assured of targeted brand promotions whenever they sign up with the showroom.


The flagship showroom is located at Rays House, North Circular Road, London and is fifteen minutes’ drive from Baker Street. fci, which is an independently owned family business was established in 1985 and has grown from a 5000 sq ft showroom. It boasts of a strong 100,000 client orders since inception and with a history spanning over 30 years it continues to provide clients with the much sought after value for money. fci also has a string  of showrooms for best corner wardrobe for your homes and all that.


Imam at Lewisham Islamic Centre

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The Lewisham Islamic centre has been a pillar for the Muslim society in the London borough of Lewisham, and other areas too. The centre has been at the forefront of preaching tolerance and good neighborliness amongst societies. Just last year, LIC in collaboration with the metropolitan police, elected leaders, and Muslim women, LIC organized an event to discuss Islamophobia. This was a particularly insightful session, considering the rising cases of Islamophobia around the UK, with most of it being directed against women.

But who is the brains really behind the Lewisham Islamic Center?

Well, it would be impossible to speak of the achievements of the LIC without mentioning Imam Shakeel Begg; he has been at the Islamic organization for almost 18 years now. During this period, LIC has made news advocating not just for Muslims rights in Lewisham, but also for mobilizing volunteers to feed the homeless, and engaging in other charitable tasks. In 2015, LIC in partnership with other civil societies organized a protest in a show of solidarity with Syrian refugees, most of who have been denied asylum in the UK.

Below are interesting facts about Imam Shakeel Begg;

  • Imam Shakeel is a seasoned Muslim scholar, who has spent 5 years studying Islamic studies at the respected University of Madinah. He also has a M. A IN Islamic studies, having also studied from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education.
  • Imam Shakeel has also studied finance, and Islamic Chaplaincy. When he is not serving at LIC, he’s to be found as a volunteer chaplain at the University Hospital Lewisham.
  • The Imam has a reputation for advocating for interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and equality amongst Muslims, Christians, Jews, and everyone around and within London. In fact, most of the people who have visited the center include homeless and poor people across all races and denominations.
  • Although some have viewed him as controversial, Imam Shakeel has never shied away from speaking out when the rights of Muslims have been trampled upon. He has also lectured widely in mosques and other public platforms across the UK.
  • Imam Shakeel Begg also works closely with a charity organization called Hhugs (Helping Households Under Great Stress); it helps families that have their loved ones languishing in prison.
  • The LIC also under the tutorship of Imam Shakeel has been at the forefront in helping your UK Muslims from getting radicalized or traveling abroad to fight in Syria and Iraq.


Imam Shakeel Begg has indeed helped the Muslim community forge ahead cordial co existence with other communities and faiths not just in Lewisham, but in the larger UK.

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